Since the Jordan 1 debuted in 1985 in the ever-so controversial “Bred/Banned,” colourway, the sneaker has been decorated in just about every colour under the sun. Once the brand began to steer away from the Chicago Bulls colours we have seen the Jordan 1 in blues, browns, oranges, greens, metallics, multi-coloured or even completely deconstructed. The original colourways of the shoe still stand above all in the sneaker culture, but the brand has had a tendency over the last few years to release several different variations of the Jordan 1 throughout their fiscal year. From a business standpoint; yes, it makes sense to release their best selling silhouette multiple times throughout the year, but from a sneaker culture standpoint- the Jordan 1 is becoming oversaturated and at this rate the hype surrounding this once sought after “Grail,” will pass. Should Jordan Brand cut back on Jordan 1 production? Or should this sneaker remain easily accessible to all?

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