Raf Simons, A Pop Culture and Fashion Icon

Today on fashion Friday, we will discuss the impact of a Belgian fashion designer icon, Raf Simons. Raf in recent years has become a serious contender as one of the top luxury designers, but not until recently has the light true been on the designer as a mainstream household name. As of today, Raf Simons impact on luxury fashion is undeniable and the impact of archive Raf has been highly covetable and desired by many as prices can go from $500 - $5000. Whether you know Raf Simons from music artists such as Asap Rocky or his collaborations with other brands such as Adidas, Raf is truly one of fashions most central and celebrates trendsetting figures since entering the industry in 1995.

Throughout his 20-years, Raf has established himself as with a youth-centric vision that framed modern pop-culture through the lens of clothing. Simons label has seen many collaborations throughout his years with Sterling Ruby, homages to Picasso, Andy Warhol, Dior, and Calvin Klein to name a few.

Simmons trend setting in undeniable throughout his run and might be the most revered working designer in fashion today. Rafs FW17 collection in New York instantly turned into a must attend for critics and buyers worldwide. Raf further cemented his legend status the summer of 2017 at the CFDA Awards where he won best womenswear designer for his work at Calvin Klein and best menswear designer for his own line. Two awards in the same year has only ever been achieved once before, by Calvin Klein himself in 1993.

Raf has paved way for modern culture and as what we know modern fashion to be today. Which is why we see Raf’s previous archives runway pieces still worn and seen in today’s culture. He as inspired pop culture icons such Kanye West, Rihanna, Kendrick, Travis, Future, ASAP Rocky, Lil Uzi and many more. Kanye went the furthest distance by interviewing Raf stating that he inspired is fourth studio album 808’s & Heartbreak and in 2015, he would site Simmons as a primary influence on his first runway collection known as Yeezy Season 1.

Simmons trend settings as be rightfully credited for is mastering tailoring, helping to pioneer slim trousers in the late 90’s while experimenting with oversized draping silhouettes throughout his career, which are all silhouettes still seen today. It truly amazing to be a part of Simmons iconic journey in fashion and we should all apricate the moment in fashion that we are living through. As we get older, we will look back at what Simmons as paved for us youth and for how many how many he as inspired today. During this time, I would highly recommend to further look into to Raf’s impact on fashion and truly dive into his previous archive work. 

Written by: Julien Mortier 

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