Should Nike Continue to Re-Retro Sneakers?

Just because you CAN, doesn’t always mean you SHOULD.

Although Nike has been comfortably placed on the top of the sneaker hierarchy, there has been some controversy as to whether they should continue to retro some of their “OG,” sneakers once every few years. Should Nike focus more on the future? Innovation has gotten them to where they are today; From “Air,” to “Flyknit,” to “React,” to most their most recent innovation- “Auto-lacing technology.” If Nike continues to push re-issues of their coveted silhouettes, not only will it take away the nostalgic aura which surrounds historic sneakers such as the Air Jordan Chicago 1,” or the short-lived but ever so successful “Air Yeezy,” collection,  but they will never be able to rely on their new-age technology to solely keep them afloat. Should OG sneakers be easily accessible to different eras? Or should they stay in the era in which they originated from? 

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