Earth Day 2021

Stay curious about the things you enjoy and also to the things that help you and others live better lives. Sustainability would fall in the latter and in our circumstances. We’ve forced ourselves to look deep into our own efforts towards being more environmentally friendly. It wasn't enough to just say we sold second hand clothing as our pledge to environmentalism. We looked to learn new ways that we could reduce our ecological footprint and stayed curious about it. That’s all we did and started with small steps towards the larger goal. An example would be replacing our plastic bubble mailer to recyclable paper mailer (credits to Dugout Vintage for the inspiration). Don’t get us wrong, we still have a lot to improve on. The goal shouldn’t be perfection, as long as we stay curious and interested in the things important to us we’ll make improvements. Sustainability is that for us, so as we celebrate Earth day, we encourage you to stay curious.