Fear Of God ESSENTIALS Spring/Summer 2020 Collection

Jerry Lorenzo has always said, “The way the clothes fit can be the loudest way to express yourself”. Fear Of God is known for its outlandish oversized look, which goes against the trends of the past. Never sticking to the norms of fashion, and sticking to the vision of Jerry Lorenzo, Fear of God has become a staple in the industry for its duality as luxury and comfort brand. With Lorenzo spearheading the brand as a true lover of art and the simplicity of clothing, Fear of God has taken the industry by storm, topping off every season from the last. Now, the new Spring/Summer 2020 Collection, ESSENTIALS continues the legacy Jerry Lorenzo has created.

Here, we have a quick look at the new Spring/Summer 2020 Fear of God ESSENTIALS collection. 

Jerry Lorenzo and the team over at Fear Of God present us with the new ESSENTIALS line. Carrying over the same silhouettes and monochrome palettes that are synonymous with Fear Of God ESSENTIALS, Lorenzo is bringing back the same Jersey t-shirts, pull-over hoodies, polos, crewnecks, sweats and half zip fleeces, along with some new knitwear and mock necks in tones ranging from buttercream to oatmeal heather, gray flannel and dark slate.

The line also features the new Fear Of God ESSENTIALS sneaker.  Made in Italy, the materials of the sneaker are of high quality. “The Essential Tennis Shoe”, is rumoured to be available to the general public during the holiday seasons of this year. Alongside, the collection contains an iconic puffer and tracksuit style reimagined with reflective and iridescent nylon. ESSENTIALS will be perfect for the everyday wear.

The collection is slated for a July 1st, 2020 release. Will you be scooping up the new FOG ESSENTIALS Spring/Summer 2020 collection? Us over here at Lowend will definitely be keeping an eye out on retailers carrying the line such as; Pacsun, SSense and Nordstrom. 

Discover the new Summer 2020 ESSENTIALS collection by Jerry Lorenzo. Providing you with the perfect solutions to a minimalist wardrobe. 

Favourite Piece: Fear of God Essentials Polo and Nylon Track Jacket 

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