Kanye West Confirms A 10-Year Partnership With GAP

Kanye West has teamed up with Gap to produce a full essentials clothing line incorporating elements from West’s Yeezy Brand and bringing a more affordable price point to those who wish to purchase the Yeezy X GAP essentials line. Kanye West famously worked at Gap as a teenager and claimed to one day be the “Steve Jobs of Gap”. Kanye continues to fuel his success as a major influence in the fashion industry landing this sudden deal with Gap that left many in shock of this collaboration. 

    Will this collaboration benefit Gap’s relevancy in the fashion industry? Although Gap to most is not a very relevant brand in streetwear, Kanye has that leverage to possibly fuel Gap’s success with this upcoming line. Most would like to say that as big of an influence Kanye is to the fashion industry, anything he attaches his name to acquires much public attraction and is instantly a hit. Many have now invested in Gap stocks due to this collaboration in hopes of growth in stocks and increased sales in the business. 

     Others then come out to question why would Kanye choose Gap? Most would say that Yeezy itself has been successful and that Kanye would be better off not partnering with Gap at all. Could Kanye have chosen a better brand to collaborate with? Taking a look back with his partnership with Nike, it was a sad parting for Kanye due to Nike refusing to pay West royalties for the sales of his own shoe with very limited creative direction when working on a sneaker. Adidas however, gave Kanye those opportunities to create more and have more control over what he works on. 

     Will it be the same deal with Gap? Again, while incorporating certain elements from Yeezy into this essentials line, no doubt Kanye will create something unique and contrary while also keeping the products at a more affordable price point to the average consumer. Yeezy Gap could very much benefit Kanye as a creator and Gap as a brand bringing new items to the table and assisting Gap’s opulence depending on the success of the collaboration. With full creative control over the collaboration, countless fans and consumers are excited to see what Kanye has to offer to the masses. Yeezy Gap could be another victorious scheme from the influential genius himself.

Written By Shawn Dela Cruz 


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