Lowend female fashion icons - Aaliyah

The “Princess of RnB”, left an impact not only in the world of music in the 90s but fashion too as she really strikes a balance between sex appeal & tomboyish charm. Her look caught the attention of designers like Tommy Hilfiger & Roberto Cavalli and continues to inspire fashion trends, especially as we see a lot of trends from the 90s make their way back to fashion. With an effortless look that inspired young girls everywhere to have your own identity & express yourself any which way you want, Aaliyah is truly a style icon that broke boundaries for women growing up in the 90s. Whether it’s baggy tracksuits, a crop top & baggy jeans or motocross inspired looks, Aaliyah did the whole “Pretty & Ghetto” look first (and best). RIP legend.

Written by Hector Nilo

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