Melody Eshani Continues To Reinvent Roles Of Women In Streetwear

A person who is the first to settle a new area is called a pioneer and Melody Eshani fits that definition. Coming from a traditional Persian household she first enrolled in Law school but dropped out of school to pursue her dreams in design where her calling for justice mixed in with fashion brought an evolutionary brand called ME. Which led to her opening up stores in the US and eventually Melody working with brands like Jordan. Melody Eshani is continuously breaking barriers and pursuing change in the fashion industry for women all over the world.

The LA designer is the visionary behind the brand, ME which specializes in making footwear, jewelry, and clothing with a message. Justice has always been her calling card. Using fashion to reflect what is happening in the world especially with women struggling in being independent and true to themselves through self-expression. Melody perfectly intersects streetwear and activism by making womenswear accessible and of all forms. From sweatsuits to custom sneakers and quality jewelry. ME pieces always have a message that is deeper than the clothes themselves.

“ I guess you could say that design is part of my divine blueprint. I believe that honouring my blueprint helps me bring to the world new patterns of behavior and equality for myself and all women in the future ”

Melody Eshani

When she opened up her first retail shop in 2011 on Fairfax, it was a statement a woman has never done in the streetwear community. A block in Los Angeles, California that is known for its streetwear presence, she was the first woman to make streetwear accessible in such a male-dominated industry. Women would start to feel more welcomed into the streetwear community on Fairfax. This spot gave women a place to feel safe as well catered to as the pieces offered at ME were catered to women while having that same streetwear influence of a brand like The Hundreds. Giving women authentic items for a price point that was fair while keeping a similar look and quality to those of higher-end fashion labels. Melody provided something the streetwear community has never seen. She spoke about creating that missing tier of women's streetwear and fashion on Complex:

“ It is about the work and service. What is this doing for the world? This is when I feel most fulfilled. I wanted to make women’s streetwear more accessible because we were always missing that middle tier. ”

Melody Eshani

Continuing to push boundaries in the streetwear community Melody has also collaborated with brands like Jordan and Reebok. Creating her sneakers like her own Jordan as well as a Jordan Fearless 1 that are all women exclusives. Her involvement in sneakers has come to the forefront as Foot Locker has made Melody their Creative Director of Women’s Business. As the company continues to empower young women and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and streetwear enthusiasts Melody Eshani is the perfect face to push this movement in womens' streetwear as she has been actively fighting for equality for women in fashion for more than a decade.

At 40 years old Melody is still only scratching the surface of her craft. She continues to pioneer women’s roles in streetwear while sticking to her values on justice and equality for women in the world of streetwear and fashion. With her new role as Foot Locker’s creative director of Women’s Business Melody will continue to be at the forefront of equality in women’s streetwear. It is exciting to see where she will bring this company and her own brand ME. One thing is that we do know for sure is Melody Eshani will continue to inspire.

Written by: Hector Nilo 

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