QUICK LOOKS - Supreme COVID-19 Relief Box Logo t-shirt


It is to no surprise that the coronavirus has affected millions worldwide, and many have been sitting aimlessly wanting to help the fight against this pandemic that has been crippling the nation. Several world renowned companies have done their part in helping to fight against COVID-19; from money donations to using their production towards providing hospital workers with proper masks. It was only a matter of time until a streetwear brand buckled down and joined the fight, and in this instance Supreme did it in the best way they knew how; to release a box logo tee. It is very rare that any Supreme Box Logo product does not sell out, especially when it is in collaboration with one of the most popular designers Takashi Murakami. This specific relief Box-Logo has been designed to support youth and families facing homlessness during this Coronavirus pandemic, and Supreme vows to donate 100% of proceeds to HELP USA. Now is the time where all hypebeasts need to do what they do best and ensure that this product not only sells out, but raises an awareness for COVID-19 relief across the country.


Available online (Canada & US only)

Release Date: April 24th, 2020

Price: $85 CAN/ $60 US

Written by Matthew Blair