The American Artist, Daniel Arsham

With our next installment for our weekly Fashion Friday, we will be discussing one of today’s most important artists of recent times, Daniel Arsham. Daniel, born in Cleveland Ohio, is an American artist who lives and works in New York City. For those who many not be familiar with Daniels work, his art combines multidisciplinary art, architecture and performance. Daniel takes ordinary everyday objects, and twist and conformers his molds of the objects to give an almost destructed yet beautiful viewing experiences for the viewer. Much of his art pieces are shown with high quality crystals and rock within the molds and prices ranging anywhere from $1000 - $28,000. Daniels art also consists of modeling on stagnant flat objects, most common on walls, and gives the viewer an idea of which there is a person/object trying to break through the wall, almost trying to escape. Most of these pieces lie in Daniels studio or in pre-planned art shows which the pieces may be difficult to travel. But as most world pronounced artists, much of Daniels success came with triumph.

In Daniels teens, he attended a design and architecture high school and when graduating, was awarded a full scholarship to Cooper Union in New York City. In his high school years, Daniel feel in love with the fascination or architecture and wasn’t until he got older, switch lanes into more modern contemporary art. After Daniels schooling was completed in 2003, he moved to Miami and started his dream of opening up an exhibition space which the named “The House” with several artist friends. In 2004, it was through The House which Daniel would meet Emmanuel Perrotin who is a French contemporary art gallery owner, which he would help Danial exhibit his art to the world. By as early of 2005, Daniels art pieces would be shown in the Galerie Perrotin art gallery in Paris France. As years went by and collaborations and growth continued Daniel has reached a pinnacle and in 2017, he was named to Hypebeast HB100 for their top 100 influences in the industry. But as of recent, some of Daniels most recent endeavours are within the fashion world while continuing to expand on his current art studio.

Daniel has collaborated with designers and brands such as Kim Jones, Ronnie Feig and Adidas. One of Daniels most notable fashions pieces to this date are the Adidas x Daniel Arsham Future Runner 4D. This shoe was adidas’s first collaboration with the artist and was also its first showing of Adidas 3D printed outsole shoe. For those who know about the shoe, let’s just say it was a huge success from both parties. The shoe now sells for around $3000 and is a covetable piece for many sneaker head. Also to note, Daniel was the first contemporary modern artist to actually have a collaboration deal with a clothing brand

Daniel likes to keep much of his designer work slick and simple, similar to his art. As we see this simplistic look become a similar trend in fashion, there’s just something about Daniels designs that stick out to the viewer to make the items desirable. Whether it is simple distressing or a pop of colour on the item, it is clear the article of clothing tells much more of a store rather than just a piece of fabric. They are art pieces.

This segment of Fashion Friday was digestible as we discuss something a bit different this time around.  Enjoy!

Written by Julien Mortier