Why Be Polite? When You Can Be RHUDE

RHUDE, a brand that was founded by Rhuigi Villasenor in 2015. A Filipino born designer based in Los Angeles California Rhuigi put his struggles as a young minority man onto the clothes. Balancing luxury and streetwear for the runway or ready to wear everyday collections. RHUDE has taken a grip on the world of streetwear and designer like no other before.

A former art history student and understudy of Shuan Samson, creative director of LuluLemon, Rhuigi has taken these experiences and more as he brings his personal stories to life with his brand. Using storytelling, iconic nostalgic references to American culture and his life back in the Philippines, Rhuigi Villasenor is a creative so unique his rise in the world of fashion has been quick but not surprising. As RHUDE has been a project of manifestation he has envisioned for years.

With no prior experience or training in fashion design, Villasenor credits his mother who was a tailor, for his understanding of the garments. She provided him a foundation and understanding on how to build a piece with intent and with elements of storytelling that is carried through his clothing line today. This even comes with the attention to detail of the pieces as RHUDE garments seem to be almost “covered” in a wax coating and includes chrome tips on the drawstrings of hoodies, shorts and pants. These subtle touches are what many enjoy with the brand as it brings something different quality wise and as well there is a message people can ride for.

This sense of importance with his family has never left Rhuigi as RHUDE is for them. In honour of his father, sister, brother, mother and their journey from the Philippines to America. The hard hardships they faced, good memories and milestones are all part of the brand. Never forgetting his roots, Rhuigi brings light to his creative ability that has brought him to the forefront of the fashion industry. 

RHUDE’s journey is one that mirrors the Creative Director, Rhuigi Villasenor. Chronicling a young immigrant who was blind to the western world following his journey from adolescence to maturity. This newer brand has taken on an unique growth curve that expands as quickly as it’s fanbase. From collaborations with Puma and Vans, to the countless amount of social media influencers, athletes, rappers, musicians and celebrities of all race and gender (even designing for some). It is no surprise that RHUDE has made it to the runways of Paris Fashion Week. A rocket powered rise to the top for someone who has only been in North American for 20 years and has only been creating for this brand for 5 years. This is a testament to the glories of manifestation, hard work and having a little bit of luck on your side.

Rhuigi has turned his struggles into a muse using the medium of clothing to bring light to his struggles creating an intimate experience filled with emotion. RHUDE is a hot brand that everyone should take a look at. Enjoy while some stay sleeping.

Written by Hector Nilo

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