Many stores are opening across the world holding curated vintage pieces. From Windbreakers and Heavy jackets, T-shirts and Hoodies, they make sure to deliver the best collection you have ever seen. But will this last? Will vintage clothing die as a "trend?"

Personally, I believe that one day, vintage clothing will die; but the memories will not. See, vintage clothing can mean many things. Maybe it's about the retro jackets, where you went skiing in that bright and bold Nike piece. To others, it could mean the top dollar rap t-shirts, faces of Tupac, or Biggie, Snoop or Ice cube. Nostalgic rock t-shirts, taking you back to a time where you went to a Metallica or Sonic Youth concert. Even sneakers, those beat 1985 Jordan 1s that you have been looking for. These are all memories you will always cherish, whether the vintage "trends" will die or not. A blast from the past, or you saved up all your money for that item, many people keep these certain pieces because it's apart of them.

As trends change, new pieces come to life. Like vintage clothing, these pieces will be nostalgic for a new generation, giving memories that will last a life time.

Written by Jedd Cruz