How to Legit check a Supreme Box Logo Hoodie

On the first segment of How-To Tuesday, we will be looking at how to legit check a Box Logo Hoodie. Let’s look at what to look for:

1) The “p” in “Supreme” the circle inside the p should be an oval.

2) Check for the Floating “e”, take anything straight and align the letters at the bottom, they should all line up perfectly. Fakes usually mess up the last “e” in Supreme and it will look like it’s “floating” or does not line up with the other letters.

3) Look at the “Made In Canada” tag. It should be half the size of the Supreme size tag.

4) All Supreme Drawstrings are flat. (Aside from 90’s-early 2000’s hoodies)

5) Taking a look at the Box Logo inside out, notice the Silver stitching in between the border of the bogo, always look for that when checking over these hoodies.

Lastly, the team suggests if you are shopping for Supreme, buy from a trusted seller. Get multiple opinions on you item. Educate yourself on the item and judge for yourself. (You can google anything nowadays) and compare your item to ones alike on grailed.