How to legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1’s

How to Legit check Travis Scott Jordan 1’s!

1) The Wings logo should be close to touching the White leather.

2) In the small black area (as shown in picture) look for the small line of brown stitching going across the bottom. Fakes have a hard time replicating that brown stitching.

3) the spacing of the stitching on the tongue should be big enough for you to place your thumb in between the spacing. Fakes have smaller spacing.

4) The lower line of stitching should NOT touch the Cactus Jack Tag.

5) This shoe is built with a One-piece sole. Meaning it is one solid piece of rubber and it SHOULD NOT have perfect paint. If the paint is perfect, consider this a red flag.

6) the outsole stitching should be cream colour. Most fakes use White outsole stitching.

7) With a Blacklight, shine your light on the “Nike Air tags”, they should light up.

8) Shining your light on the soles, they should light up too!

SIDENOTE: When shining a light on the Nike air insole and Cactus jack insole, they should NOT glow under a Blacklight.