How to Legit Check Yeezy 700 Wave Runners

On this week’s How 2 Tuesday, we take a quick look on how to authenticate your Yeezy 700 Wave Runners. Let’s jump into this tutorial!

1) Taking a look at the toebox,
The Grey suede should form a letter “V”. Fakes look like a “U”.
The material should be clean cut with clean/equal looking stitching.

2) Taking a look at the back of the shoe, examine the 4 little dots forming a straight line on the outsole of the heel. Fakes usually do not form a straight line.

3) Now we take a look at the insole, you will see a Code and Size bracket on the inside of the insole. The “-“ between “5” and “10” should very close almost touching the “5”.
Fakes have more spacing between the numbers and “dash”.

4) Last tip about the insole, examine the Adidas logo. Taking a look at the three stripes, the smallest stripe should have sharp edges, fake pairs have round edges.