Chris Brown and Young Thug Team Up on “Slime & B”

Released on Chris Brown's Birthday, Breezy and Young Thug team up to bring us a surprise mixtape “Slime & B”. With Chris brown bringing out a more melodic side from Young Thug, this project brings an interesting and different sound from Thugger. On the mixtape, we get features from the likes of Gunna, Lil Duke, Hoodybaby & Future, though, these are not their best features for the record where the sound of some of these songs on the mixtape tend to sound somewhat repetitive.

     Highlighting the more melodic, sing-along type songs expected from Breezy, “Say You Love Me”, “I Got Time”, “City Girls” and Shawn’s favourite track on the tape “Stolen”, are some of the songs to highlight on this album and are a must listen for you spring/summer type vibes. For a surprise project from these two artists, comprised of 13 tracks, “Slime & B” is a fair album with some decent songs. The more Hip-hop based tracks tend to get quite repetitive, though some songs on the album are a must listen. (As Listed above) This is a project you would expect from Thugger and Breezy, considering this isn’t their first time collaborating, they make a decent duo stepping into more melodic vocals and take a more R&B approach aside from Young Thug’s usual Hip-hop sound. 

     This album was a fair listen and as a Chris Brown fan, Breezy did not seem to disappoint with his vocals. Young Thug, to some, would be surprised as he also held up his end on the mixtape. On the 10th track “Stolen”, Young thug matches Chris Brown’s energy giving us an amazing verse with good flow and vocals alongside wordplay to give the entire track a good listen through. All in all, “Slime & B” is another album to add to your quarantine library and is a project worth admiring from Chris Brown and Young Thug. Going away from the usual Hip-Hop sound, it’s good to switch the mood up and listen to R&B once in a while, Thugger and Breezy nailed it touching down on certain tracks to give that R&B vibe on this project. With most tracks touching Hip-Hop along with occasional R&B tracks on the side, this project is definitely one to check out if you are a Chris Brown or Young Thug fan. A job well done to both artists on this project, many are excited to see what Breezy and Thugger will collaborate on next in the future.

Written by: Shawn Dela Cruz