Future’s ‘High Off Life’ Delivers

The Atlanta rapper reminds us why he calls himself, “The Wizrd” on his eighth studio album. With a project that uses the same formula we have associated with Future, he takes us on a familiar journey filled with toxic lust and extravagant flexes. Throughout High Off Life Future talks about the same relationships that continue to haunt him from the same perspective, and yet we keep listening track after track. Using the same sound template, the same vocal register and the same production to conjure the same feelings Future has tapped into the raging ego inside of us all and has fed that relentlessly, straight to the top of the charts.

Future is a multi-platinum, Grammy award winning, trendsetting artist who only follows his set of rules, so it comes to no surprise that he releases an album titled, ‘High Off Life’ during such dark times in this world due to the pandemic. While some other artists are waiting until the storm passes, Future continues to move forward, releasing new music seamingly unphased by the situation put onto us by the outbreak of COVID-19. This is a testament to his tireless work ethic that has brought him to the top of the current rap game. Future has released thirty two projects in total and this consistency matched with the talents he was graced with are the true reasons why Future is such an iconic artist today.

Now after listening to this album it does not variete from what we’ve come to expect from a Future album. Future tends to release a lot of music in one project with a lot of filler tracks and only a handful that his fanbase latch to. There are twenty one tracks with the album spanning seventy minutes which means this project is no different. This is definitely the more aggressive side to Future’s music we’ve seen before but have not seen since ‘Beastmode 2’ (2018). One thing that I do commend Future for is building a cast full of rap's current superstars to feature on this album including; Drake, Travis Scott, and Meek Mill. Future has always been one to excel in collaborations with other artists, seeming to work best when feeding off outside energy. This is best exemplified when Future matches the flows of artists like Young Thug on, ‘Harlem Shake’ or Lil Uzi Vert ‘All Bad.’ Catering to his peers strengths allows Future to serve up vocal gymnastics on these catchy tracks.

Personal favourites on this project are ‘Too Comfortable’ and ‘Accepting My Flaws' Future shows that he still is that same savage we’ve come to know on “Too Comfortable”, stating “It’s hard to stay faithful when you’re winning,” showing why we have called Future the king of toxicity. Themes of narcotic use, troubles with the opposite sex and working through past tramaus are persistent throughout this project. Future is such a smooth talker on this track, the words may be malicious but they never sound like it due to his smooth flow and tone. But he shows a softer side to him on this track talking about his eldest son being arrested and evening stating “ I been through more **** this month than a ***** through in a lifetime.” On ‘Accepting My Flaws’ Future even name drops his current lover who has seemed to help him overcome his demons, “Give me glory, give me Lori, that’s victory,” he raps. Future giving us a more vulnerable side to his personal life fans have never seen before.  

Future described his last album in 2019, “The Wizrd,” as the closing of a chapter, meaning that ‘High Off Life’ seems to be a fresh start for the Atlanta rapper. He himself has said in an interview with Fader that he is tired of being the poster boy for men making their wrongs right. At the least Future seems to be accepting of his demons and has found some new inspirations with this new look at life he seems to have.

Written by: Hector Nilo