Gunna’s WUNNA, Gets Some Help From His Peers

The Number one spot on Billboard 200 looks to be held by another hip hop album. This time Gunna with his second studio album “WUNNA”, looks to hold the crown with 110,000 to 130,000 units projected to be sold in the first week. With an all-star cast of featuring artists and producers from his label, YSL Records. Gunna’s twenty one track album brings the classic sound but, with a more focused one from the Atlanta rapper.

WUNNA’s album cover is one that is a little too cartoony and corny for my liking but I can see where the vision is at. Gunna depicts himself on the front of the album as a computer generated image posing like the Virtruvian Man from Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous drawing from 1490 with the zodiac signs floating around him and what seems to be his placements. Essentially Gunna is telling us who he is on this album and for people who’ve been listening to Gunna he does not reveal a lot through his music besides his lavish lifestyle.

With this album Gunna introduces us to his new alias WUNNA, which is an acronym on his lifestyle (look it up) and also based on his astrology sign, Gemini. We’ve come to know Gunna as an all-time flexer and this is no different as the album constantly speaks about his extravagant life. Whether it’s private jets, women lined up to get a piece at the rapper, $150 thousand per show, the latest and hottest clothes anyone who has heard a Gunna track knows what he’s about. Despite Gunna’s fever for flexing, there is a peaceful melodic tone to his voice, which has become a trademark for the rapper as in this day and age of streaming Gunna has become a heavy hitter and his climb to the top of the charts can not go unnoticed. 

Wunna is filled with all star talent as A-list featuring artists; Travis Scott, Lil Baby, Roddy Rich and Young Thug all make great appearances. Young Thug has left his label mate with two great features on Wunna with, “Dollaz On My Head”, and “Far”, being two of the more standout tracks. The latter being a track that shouts out Gunna’s and Thug’s friends in jail or that have passed. Also taking time to remember how far each artist has come from their respective hoods. Now producers: Wheezy, Taurus, Turbo and Aviator Keyz have to be commended for their contributions to the album. As the production is really the driving factor Wunna as the beats highlight the extravagances and comfort of Gunna’s lifestyle. Many of these beats recall the soft edges of Young Thug’s Barter 6. The production on this project, rather than Gunna, dictates the album’s swings which are almost seasonal fluctuations. This is a form of artistry that Gunna has never taken control of and for that I commend the rapper.

Now the project as a whole is something I did not find too ear catching as a lot of the tracks are of the same mould and having twenty one songs felt a little too long for my liking. Now I do think there were no bad tracks on the project but, nothing really stood out as a song I would add to my current rotation. Maybe this one will grow on me after a couple more listens.

Favourite Track: “Argentina”

Album Rating: 3.5/5 

Written by Hector Nilo