Matthew Blair's album: Parachutes.

Music is a special thing; a mere combination of beats, instruments, and vocals assembled together can speak to people in ways in which words simply cannot. Music is so diverse; it comes from many different genres, sounds, and backgrounds that are unique in every region of the world. Music can tie into various aspects from your life; your childhood, your first love, your first heartbreak, and trials and tribulations that have turned you into the person you are today. It is simply amazing how 1 verse of a song can instantly change your mood; both for the better or worse. The album which I hold more dear to my heart, one in which I can listen from beginning to end all while experiencing a vast arrangement of emotions is none other than double platinum certified “Parachutes,” by the multi-grammy award winning British band; Coldplay. This album in particular was their debut album and really put the band on record. This album from beginning to end features beautiful vocals, sweet harmonies, classic guitar, and genuine emotion. It has been noted as one of the most impressive debut albums ever, and remains a staple in my playlists to this date; 20 years after its initial release.This album includes the radio hit “Yellow,” which can be recognized by just about anyone, however my favourite tune on the album has to be “Sparks.” A favourite album is a hard thing to ask from an individual, but if an album sticks around in your daily life for 20 years without fail, I think it's hard to compete with that. If you have yet to experience the album “Parachutes,” by Coldplay, even if it is not your style of music I would highly recommend it if you are one who can appreciate the genuine art of song making and collection of instruments and vocals coming together to create a masterpiece.