HISTORIC ALBUMS - Playboi Carti (Self title mixtape)


Shawn Dela Cruz's album: Playboi Carti (Self title mixtape). Playboi Carti’s self titled Mixtape is his first debut project to be released to the masses. Carti tackles a more upbeat sound on this mixtape compared to his usual slow, lean-sipping sound everyone is used to from SoundCloud. This mixtape is a glimpse of what mainstream stardom feels like as for Playboi Carti at the time, was a major up & coming artist from the SoundCloud scene. Along with Pi’erre Bourne teaming up with Carti to produce most songs on this mixtape, the overall sound and vibe of the mixtape is living proof of what good chemistry is like between Producer and artist. Not to mention a big feature on the album on the two hit singles “Lookin” and “wokeuplikethis*”, Lil Uzi Vert accompanies Carti on the tape to add as a beautiful feature to the entire aesthetic of the mixtape itself. For many rappers, wordplay and lyricism is crucial to show who you are and how you deliver as an artist. For Playboi Carti, however, he is quite unique than other artists coming up at the time. Lyricism, others would say that Playboi Carti would not highlight in that aspect, though if  you have open ears for music, Playboi Carti displays a certain vibe and sound on this mixtape that in a way overlooks lyricism to a certain extent. Take into account Pi’erre Bourne's euphoric production on the first song on the tape “Location” where it takes you on a more relaxed, euphoric wave alongside of one of Shawn’s favourite tracks from the album, “Yah Mean”, where Pi’erre Bourne does not fail to deliver head bopping beats that catches the listener’s ears seconds after starting the next track. Pi’erre also produced hits on the mixtape like “Magnolia” and “wokeuplikethis*” which ended up landing chart topping numbers in Billboard top 100 weeks before the self titled mixtape released. Nonetheless, this mixtape is definitely a recommendation to those that dabble into the soundcloud world where Playboi Carti found his cult-like following. Pi’erre Bourne and Playboi Carti continue to work on music together until this day. Whilst being a highly predicted main producer on Playboi Carti’s third studio album “Whole Lotta Red”, Fans are excited to hear what is in the works between Carti and Pi’erre and what is set to be on the Album when it drops this year.

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