HISTORIC ALBUMS - The Life of Pablo

Jedd Cruz's album: The Life of Pablo.

We all have our opinions about Kanye. But The Life of Pablo was one of the most anticipated albums in 2016. Whether it was on social media, or even the internet, many tracks and recordings got leaked; No more parties in L.A, Facts, and Fade. This brought attention, leading to an early access on Tidal (with Tour tickets to your designated city), and later on Apple Music, Spotify, and other platforms. From his previous album before, Yeezus, TLOP delivered a toned down Kanye West. From Real Friends, Ultralight beam and Wolves, we got a taste of a different side of Kanye, one we haven't experienced in a long time. However, Mr. West is known to always be different, and do things that no one else would ever do. Famous was a track talking about his past life, from Taylor Swift to Trump, even bringing it back with his Wife and Ray J.Adding to this track was a music video, it was something that most people would find "disturbing." Then again, it is Kanye West, he can do what his heart desires. Out of all of the tracks on the album, Waves and Father Stretch my hands pt. 1 were a favourite. Both live to the Hype, controlling the crowd, while hearing those infamous Kanye lines. Even though it's an album of the past, it'll continue on for a lifetime. 

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