Aaron Concepcion's album: Views. Looking back at the year 2016, it was a phenomenal time for music. Especially for Drake and the release of Views, which became his most successful project being album of the year. It definitely set the vibe of the summer, with songs like “One Dance,” “Controlla” and “Hotline Bling,” Drake also hits many different genres. Including the help from other prestigious artists like Rihanna, Future and Partynextdoor, Views was able to please a wider audience. Although there are many great songs in this album, a few tend to get overlooked because they were not as heavily advertised. The song “U with me?” creates a feel for the modern youth and a lifestyle that is easy to relate to as Drake says, “Three dots, you thinkin of a reaction still” and as a young adult, these are actions that have occurred. For the fans that enjoy Drake's slower type of music, he has you covered with “Fire and Desire.” A song about a woman who’s behind a man that sleeps on her, while another man is willing to give her anything. Fit for those moments where you catch yourself in your feelings and need something to mellow down to. Now for the fans that like a more upbeat track, “Childs Play” will get you on your feet and rapping along with him if you know the lyrics. This song adds a more fun environment, with the catchy wordplay and relatable references, let alone the music video that showcases Drake making light of a sticky situation. A song favourite would be “Feel No Ways” for the high tempo beat and soothing lyricism that creates a euphoric element to be in, like going on a cruise with your windows down and feeling the summer air on your skin. Drake has been known to represent his city many times in his music, but he still shocked his fans with the album cover showing him sitting on the ledge at top of the C.N Tower in Toronto, Canada. Along with the song “9” where he says, “I want to do major things” and “MJ in every way” really shows his aspirations and goals to be a top artist, as well as putting the city of Toronto on the map by referring to the city as “The Six.” Lastly, the song “Views” was made to show the fans and the haters the process he had to go through to become the star he is today, from working at a clothing store to owning his own clothing brand (OVO). Dropping out of school with six credits left to pursue his acting career, the road to fame was not as easy as it looks but the Toronto native persevered through the hardships. With many tracks left out on this list, Views is an album you can definitely listen to from top to bottom without worrying about skipping a bad song.