Lil Baby’s “The Bigger Picture” Calls For Justice Across The Nation

With all the issues that have come forward in America over the past month, rapper Lil Baby tackles a lot of these topics on his new single. Days after the rapper attended protests in his native city of Atlanta, Georgia in the wake of the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the Minnesota Police, he released, “The Bigger Picture”, which comments on systemic racism and police brutality. Lil Baby was seen leading the protests on his bike chanting while wearing a Black Lives Matter t-shirt and a, “No Justice No Peace” facemask, as depicted on the song's artwork. 

Now Lil Baby isn’t known for being a “conscious rapper”, like Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole but it was refreshing to have such a big name in rap use his platform to speak about the ever so present problems in America. For four minutes and thirteen seconds, Lil Baby spits bar after bar on a wonderful hard-hitting beat produced by Noah and Section 8. This track screams rage or a sense of urgency towards the problems broadcasted on American TV and phone screens. Lil Baby speaks about how he himself is struggling to grasp what is going on in the USA, just like the millions of people across the world, “I find it crazy the police will shoot you and know that you dead but still tell you to freeze”.  He even admits to how this moment in his rap career may seem inauthentic as Baby is seen as a trap rapper, “I can’t lie like I don’t rap about killing and dope, but I’m telling my youngins to vote/I did what I did ’cause I didn’t have no choice or no hope.” Pleading the younger generation to use their power in their voice unlike him who had no choice but to take a different route out of his circumstances. 

The Bigger Picture is Lil Baby’s highest-charting track of his rap career, reaching third on the Billboard Hot 100 but Baby contributed much deeper than a song to spread awareness to the cause. A statement on his Instagram said that all proceeds from the single will be donated to The National Association of Black Journalists, Breonna Taylor’s attorney, The National Bail Project and Black Lives Matter. 

Lil Baby is a prime example of someone using their platform to preach about the issues of systemic racism in America and embody the preaching he has done on his socials. Not only did the trap rapper reach out of his comfort zone with a new style of lyricism we have yet to see, Lil Baby was also amid the protests and donations with the general public. Considering this to be his most popular track to date, with all proceeds being donated you have to applaud Lil Baby for his contribution to the cause, he cemented his status as the best rapper of this generation. 

Article written by: Hector Nilo 

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