As the hype surrounding Nike’s “Dunk,” line continues to grow bigger and bigger, it only seems fitting that the coveted “Skunk,” colourway re-emerges back onto the scene after a 10 year haitus. The “Reverse Skunk,” is one of many cannabis-inspired collaborations and is only fitting that it releases on the nation’s 4/20 holiday. The 2020 version flips the OG colour-blocking but stays true to the fine details such as the hairy suede upper, and graphic skunk designs on the insole. The sneaker has flown under the radar and has not been marketed half as much as previous dunk releases in the last few months. However this release may be more limited than any of them. On the lateral heel of the shoe there is “1/420,” stamped onto the suede, which indicates there may only be 420 of these dunks in existence. The “Reverse Skunk,” is anticipated to be extremely hard to get a hold of, and offers of over $1600+ US have already begun on reselling platforms. How are you spending your 4/20 holiday? Are these sneakers worth the outlandish resell prices?

Written by Matthew Blair