REVIEWS ON THE LOW: Nike’s Space Hippie Collection

The creative minds behind Nike’s newest shoe project have pushed shoe technology to its limits in the hope to reimagine how Nike goes about the production of its sneakers. The newest Nike creation is known as the “Space Hippie Collection,” is a climate cautious movement in the shoe production process in which Nike, “Moves to Zero”. Meaning the company has a set goal to use zero carbon and zero waste to help protect the future as we know it. 

The Space Hippie Collection is inspired by life on Mars, and the shoes themselves are made essentially from “Space Junk.” The collection is made up of four different sneakers all in which sport a unique design made up of flyknit yarn which is made from 85–90% recycled content (plastic bottles, t-shirts, and post-industrial scraps.) These innovative sneakers can appeal to the likeness of every sneakerhead as each provides a different fit option; traditional lacing, completely laceless, or their newest technology - Flyease. 

The Sneakers themselves are something sneaker culture has yet to see. Each model, from Space Hippie 01- to- Space Hippie 04, is dressed in sleek grey uppers paired with orange accents and light blue “Crater Foam” soles, which surprisingly work well together. This unfinished - raw look this collection embraces has been adopted from previous successful Nike collaborations such as the Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yards and many of the Nike x Off White sneakers. 

Nike has managed to turn trash into treasure, while other million-dollar businesses fail to consistently produce good looking quality sneakers without considering the environment. This collaboration may be one small step for man, but one giant leap for Nike as they continue to remain atop of the sneaker hierarchy. I believe these sneakers will be a hit within the sneaker culture, not only because of their unique looks but because people are always willing to support earth-friendly products. There is no failure to launch with this Space Hippie collection, and I fully anticipate for these to sell out on all platforms. 

Written by Matt Blair