REVIEWS ON THE LOW - Travis Scott x Air Max 270 React "Cactus Trails"

The coveted Travis Scott x Nike collaboration is back at it once again, allowing for Travis to put his twist on yet another popular Nike silhouette. Since its original debut in the beginning of 2018, the Air Max 270 has been one of Nike’s most popular lifestyle sneakers. Travis Scott has put his stamp on previous staple Nike silhouettes however, the 270’s popularity and functionality definitely impacted the decision of Travis Scott’s first non-retro Nike sneaker. The Travis Scott x Air Max 270 “Cactus Trails,” officially hits the scene May 1st, 2020 and is expected to release in full family sizing.

Travis Scott, most notably recognized for his various popular albums; Rodeo, Birds in the Trap, and Astroworld, has been perched atop of fashion’s biggest icons for several years. Travis Scott has a very similar “Kanye West,” effect on fashion, meaning that anything he wears in public or during a concert is automatically increased in resell and hype value. From vintage tees, to middle-check Nike hoodies, to various Nike Sb Dunks; anything Travis Scott touches turns into gold. His building popularity, keen sense of individual style, and consistent support of Nike and Jordan products eventually led him to his historic sneaker deal which originated in 2017. The Travis Scott x Nike collaboration hit the scene with his first take on the Air force 1, which was followed by several other Nike/Jordan sneakers such as the Air Jordan 4 “Cactus Jack,” Air Force 1 “Sail,” Air Jordan 1 High, Air Jordan 33 “Army Olive,” Air Jordan 1 Low, Air Jordan 6, Air Force 1 “Cactus Jack,” the Travis Scott SB “Cactus Jack,” and most recently the Air Max 270 “Cactus Trails.”

The Travis Scott x Air Max 270 “Cactus Trails,” in a lack for a better word could be described as a “failed opportunity.” In my opinion there are various different aspects of this shoe that could have been executed differently that would have changed the shoe all together. At first glance you are immediately hit with this sloppy looking yellowed react/air midsole which is supposed to give off an “antique finish.There is a hang-tag attached to the sneaker with a disclaimer that reads “The antique finish is purely cosmetic and may wash off when in contact with water or other liquids , do not wash shoes in the washing machine if needed dry shoe by dabbing with clean dry cloth.” The only thing that could save this shoe is if there is a clean, uniform midsole underneath the temporary catastrophe. The upper is dressed in a rustic colourscheme which features a wavy pattern that flows throughout. The sneaker is highlighted with hints of colour and features various different materials; most notably on the ankle collars which are made up of a terry cloth material. In typical Travis Scott fashion, the “Cactus Jack,” branding can be found on the heels of each sneaker as well as on the insoles.The one saving grace when it comes to the Travis Scott x Air Max 270 “Cactus Trails,” is the fact that they are one of the more wearable collabs in the sense that they are actually comfortable to wear unlike various Nike and Jordan sneakers previously put out. Travis Scott & Nike will have to rely on the massive fan base which supports the Cactus Jack  name more than the products themselves in order to have a successful release this time around.

All in all, it is evident that Travis Scott not only has a love and admiration for original Nike silhouettes, but his great creative mind has allowed him to put his own unique stamp on each sneaker without tarnishing the reputation each sneaker carries. The Cactus Jack collection has brought a fresh take on some of the most iconic sneakers in the history of Nike and his ever growing influence on the music and sneaker culture will only allow for definite future successes. Even though the Travis Scott x Nike 270 “Cactus Trails,” may fall short in comparison to the previously released collabs, Cactus Jack himself will definitely benefit from his endless supporters and I anticipate nothing less than for this unique sneaker to sell out on all platforms.